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Micro-Arc Welding Workstation
Ideal For Tool, Die, & Mold Repair

Micro-Arc Welding Workstation

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Low Amperage
Welding Power

  • Stereo Microscope with 10X and 20X magnification and scope cover
  • Rack and Pinion Adjustable Tower--includes two 150-Watt Halogen Lights and a custom mounting bracket to suspend the microscope above the part while connected to the tower.
  • 7" x 7" ceramic heat control plate
  • Copper work surface with weld grounding and insulation from the worktable
  • Micro-Die Grinder for part drilling and preparation
  • Darkening Lens with adjustable shading that is controlled by a remote foot pedal. Includes an automatic shutoff feature.
  • Custom Pyrex Lens for TIG Torch to increase gas shielding while still providing excellent visibility.
  • Worktable with Formica Top, Adjustable Legs, Tool Holders, Air/Torch Holders, and Air Hookup
  • Printed Reference Material that provides an introduction to tool, die, and mold repair with information on preheat temperatures, filler metal selection, and much more.
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