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The Sharpshooter
Precision Tungsten Electrode Grinder
Dust Extraction Models Safely Contain All Grinding Dust!

The Sharpshooter uses an innovative tungsten grinding system to provide accuracy and safety in a compact, yet heavy-duty unit. Its unique design reduces the skill required to allow for easy grinding, flatting, and cutting in an enclosed work area. Dust extraction system options are available with HEPA filters in a quality work cabinet. If you are concerned about grinding thoriated tungsten electrodes, 2 versions of the Sharpshooter capture and contain ALL dust generated by the grinding of 2% Thoriated Tungsten.


  • Smart design streamlines electrode preparation
  • Enclosed work area captures dust and protects operator
  • Easy operation with electrode wand. No tools required
  • No loose electrode guides that produce bad concentricity
  • Optional dust extraction system with work cabinet
  • Trade-in allowance for existing tungsten grinders
  • Longitudinal diamond grinding--10º to 60º
  • Diamond cutting as short as .235" (6mm)
  • Tip flat diameter measurement scale
  • Works with .040"-3/16" (1.0mm-4.8mm) diameters
  • 1/4" capacity available on demand
  • Repeatedly prepares the same tungsten geometry
  • Rugged unit is ideal for high production
  • Conforms to UL STD 987
  • Certified to CAN / CSA STD C22.2 No. 73

Government Agencies:

Please email or phone for our CAGE and National Stock Numbers.


The Sharpshooter is available in Europe from:
Qualitas Technology Ltd.
Tel: + 44 1733 555 830

Want to Try, Before You Buy?

Would you like to see for yourself why the U S Air Force, The Marines, The Navy, GE Aircraft, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney and many others insist on the Sharpshooter?

We are happy to arrange a one week trial in your facility. Please contact us by email or phone: 312.829.6770. When you contact us, please have at hand the size of the tungsten you want to test grind.

You'll be glad you tried the Sharpshooter: The World's Finest Tungsten Electrode Grinder.

Dealer inquiries welcome.


Most Precise
A universal electrode wand holds the electrode securely and at the closest possible proximity to the grinding contact point. This produces concentric grinds not available on other tungsten grinders that use electrode guides/bushings with loose fit-up that get even looser after use. The Sharpshooter™ tungsten grinder has no problems with odd sized electrode diameters. Every electrode size is gripped tightly to ensure precise tungsten sharpening.

The grinding and cutting areas are enclosed and provide a Plexiglas window for viewing. This keeps potentially harmful dust away from lungs, sparks away from eyes, and fingers free from injury. Safety officers are especially pleased with the design of this tungsten grinder. AWS Health & Safety Fact Sheet Number 27 Recommends: "Use a high-efficiency dust collection system to capture particles created during the grinding of electrodes or disturbed during housekeeping." Sharpshooter� Tungsten Grinders equipped with Pro-Fusion Dust Extractors completely capture and contain ALL dust generated by the grinding of tungsten electrodes.

Easiest to Use
Designed so that anyone can easily grind, flat, and cut tungsten electrodes with repeatable accuracy. There are no complicated adjustments, special tool requirements, or difficult time consuming setups. The wand allows for one-touch grinding, flatting, and cutting.

Purpose Built Tungsten Grinder
This is not a bench grinder with tooling attached as an after thought. It is custom designed to provide a rugged, dedicated machine tool for accurately preparing tungsten electrodes.

Optional Dust Extraction System
All-welded steel work cabinet with quiet, integrated 1 micron dust extractor filtration system (HEPA 0.3 micron filter also available). One switch turns on/off the grinder and dust extraction. After switching the system off, there are three seconds of additional power provided to the dust extractor to clean the system. Complete Sharpshooter grinding systems are furnished with a rugged work cabinet to house the dust extractor and a shelf for your accessories.

Work surface 30" (76 CM)
Overall Dimensions: 23" X 28" X 44"H (58.5 X 71 X 112 H)
Weight: 167 lbs (76 Kg)

Feature Comparison Chart

Features Available Options
Models Grinds &
Cuts ETL Listed
Dust Extractor
1.0 Micron
Dust Extraction
TSS-1 X   X X X X
Step 1 - Set electrode stick out from wand to ensure consistently repeatable tip flat size.
Step 1
Step 2 - Grind electrode with the perfect fit of the wand into its guide for quick and easy work.
Step 2
Step 3 - Insert wand into cut-off fixture, move into enclosed cut-off wheel, flip open to get electrode.
Step 3

Specifications TSS -1 & TSS - 2

Voltage: 115V or 208-230V 60 Hz
230V 50 Hz available on demand
Current: 6.8 Amp Full Load at 115V, 3.4 at 230V
with automatic overload protection
Motor: 1/2 Horsepower (UL Listed)
Noise: 59 dB(A) Sharpshooter� Only
79 dB(A) with dust extractor
Weight: 40 lbs. (18.2 kg)
Dimensions: 13�H X 12.5�W x 13�D
33cm X 31.75cm x 33cm
Work Cabinet: 29�W X 24�D X 30�H
74.6cm X 61cm X 76.2
Diameters: .040� to 3/16� (1.0mm to 4.8mm)
1/4� Capacity available on demand

Pro-Fusion PFG-P069-ETL

Voltage: 115
Amps: 8.7
Waterlift, max: 92"
CFM: 74
Paper Bag Capacity: 4 gal
HEPA Area: 1890 sq in
Filter Area 1232 sq in
Dimensions: 17.5 X 15 X 13
Weight: 16.5 lbs
Cord Length: 32"
Sound Level @ 6' 6" 53 dB(A)
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