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Precision Welding Lathes

For highly repeatable weld results with extremely consistent welding speed and minimal run out
Improve Weld Quality · Increase Weld Output · Lower Labor Costs

The Pro-Fusion Precision Welding Lathe is designed to allow unskilled personnel to consistently produce high quality welds on a wide range of circumferential parts. With over 20 years of welding experience, Pro-Fusion can assist in weld schedule development and tooling in order to provide a complete, turn-key automatic welding system.

Vertical Lathe
  • Rigid, machined frame construction provides a solid, non-flexing platform for Headstock, Tailstock, and Torch Tower
  • Air actuated torch stand with variable speed controls
  • Air actuated Tailstock with pressure and speed controls
  • Lathe Tilts 90° for vertical welding position
  • Custom designed welding speed control ensures extreme accuracy for precision part motion
  • Longer lathe beds available up to 72"

Pro-Fusion Lathes As Part of Complete Automated Welding Systems

A complete Pro-Fusion welding system offers computer control of critical welding parameters including programmable peak and background welding current, arc pulsation, upslope, downslope, pre and post purge gas control. Pro-Fusion TIG/Micro-TIG and Plasma/Micro-Plasma welding power sources are available as a completely integrated package with a Pro-Fusion lathe. An optional touch-retract system allows for precise tungsten to work gap settings for additional torch positioning.

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Pro-Fusion Precision Welding Lathe

  • Specifically designed for welding and is not a modified or adapted machine lathe.
  • Designed to enable horizontal or vertical configuration with no extra parts required.
  • HEAD STOCK: Durable construction, DC servo motor, U.S. made roller spindle bearings, 6�, 3 jaw, true-set chuck featuring manually settable alignment adjustments. RPM range is 0.5 © 25.0 RPM. Custom RPM ranges available on demand.
  • TAILSTOCK: moves on rails with ease for quick adjustment and manual lock. Live center features air actuated 3� stroke with pressure / speed controls and independently adjustable alignment.
  • CAPACITY: 16� length, 12� diameter. Max welding amperage: 300
  • TORCH FIXTURE: Pneumatic advance / retract for weld set up and part removal. Micro adjustments on X Y & Z axis. Torch may be positioned from 0 to 360� on a rotating mount. Torch may be positioned for backhand and forehand welding positions.
  • MOTOR CONTROL: Electrically isolated for protection against high frequency. To be used with tachometer equipped DC gear motors with maximum of 24V DC, 3 amps. Illuminated push button controls. Solid state design means no mechanical relays. Controls include remote, local, forward and reverse. Accuracy: Less than 1% of full scale error for settings between 10% and 100% full scale. Time delay fuse protected.
  • The Pro-Fusion PFL 1216-3J comes complete with all controls, regulators, air filters and grounding brush.

  • Specifications

    • RPM 0.5 - 25 Standard
    • Max Diameter Part: 12�
    • 3-Jaw Tru-Set Chuck Standard
    • 5C Chucks, pneumatic or manual on request
    • Distance Between Centers: 16�
    • Custom Lengths Readily Available
    • Tailstock: Air actuated, 3� travel, pressure & speed controls
    • Torch Tower: Pneumatic advance and retract with speed controls, X, W, Z axis w / fine adjustments
    • Torch Mounting Block: 360� rotation & right or left hand set up
    • Overall Length: 45�
    • Height of Headstock: 16 5/8�
    • Overall depth: 26�
    • Weight: 230 lbs
    • Input Voltage: 115 VAC
    • Controls: Forward, Reverse, Jog, Local and Remote
    • Custom Configurations on Demand
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