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Dual-Arc 80
Micro-TIG/Plasma System

TIG ArcPlasma Arc
Dual-Arc 80

Pictured above: Dual Arc 82 Welding Power Supply on top, DA-WR Water cooler underneath
(required for Plasma Welding Only)
The system is 19.5 (50 cm) square.
As shown on the attached pdf.

Micro-Tig System Capability:

  • Precision in Micro-TIG welding
  • Ultra low current capability (0.1 amp)
  • No arc wander at low amperages
  • Soft TIG arc start will not damage small or delicate parts
  • Reduced heat input through built-in arc pulsation
  • Accurate, repeatable welds
  • Panel programmable start current, upslope, weld current, and final weld current levels
  • Manual and automatic welding ability

Micro-Plasma System Capability:

  • Micro-Plasma weld process ability offers all of the benefits of the plasma welding process
  • No Restriction to TIG or Plasma, it offers both!
  • Short duration weld capability of .01 seconds
  • Modular system can be purchased as a TIG system and later upgraded to include Plasma too
  • Built-in computer control option

Other System Capabilities:

  • Interface for external weld controllers
  • Built-in computer control option

TIG Welding Advantages

  • Well-known and understood process
  • Readily available, low cost consummable parts
  • Excellent gas shielding for cleaner parts
  • Electrode can be extended for improved weld joint access
  • Soft TIG arc can offer benefits for specific applications
  • TIG arc shape has advantages for specification parts/weld joints
Plasma Arc

Plasma Welding Advantages

  • Protected electrode allows for more welds before electrode contamination
  • Arc standoff distance not as critical as in TIG
  • Gentle Arc Transfer
  • Stable, stiffer arc reduces arc wander
  • No high-frequency arc starting noise
  • Extremely short duration welds possible for spot welding of wires, needles, and micro components.
  • Higher weld speeds possible in specific applications


Mold and die repair, metal bellows, valves, metal seals, diaphragms, pressure transducers, sensors, implant devices, relay cans, capacitor cans, micro switches, batteries, motors, electronic devices, enclosures, pacemakers, explosive detonators, airbag components, air seals, tube/fitting assemblies, vacuum tubes, electrocautery tools, metal meshes, thermocouples, tube closure, surgical instruments, dental instruments, wires, aspiration needles, injection needles, surgical baskets, catheter metal capsules, guidewires, light bulb filaments, and many more.

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